4 New The Schomberg Fair Songs Free!

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We’re giving away 4 brand new songs for free! It’s called the “Take Me To The Water Session”. The songs were recorded in June 2013 with Jeff McMurrich in Toronto. The recordings aren’t as polished as our previous work with Moncarz simply due to the lack of time and funds we had to make them, but I think the songs themselves are as good or better than ever, we love the way they came out and we want to share them with everyone for free. Go get them at the link below, download, share, enjoy!

Here’s some new press on the subject from our good friends and NXEW, Sonic More Music and Exclaim!

Sonic More Music

On the subject of the new material, we’re enjoying taking the new material in a new direction. Less fast songs and more grooves with a spaced-out dream-like aesthetic. We want to keep taking Folk/Roots/Rock or whatever you’d like to call it, to new interesting directions and that means that we need to continue the Schomberg Fair’s sonic evolution as well. Rehearsals now involve about 45 minutes of straight space jams and Submerge (song 2 on Take Me To The Water Session) is one of those jams. We made it up on the spot in the studio while Jeff got the levels in the room to do recordings of pre-rehearsed songs that we were actually planning to record, haha. Sometimes you should do what comes naturally, spontaneity probably produces the best results. Anyhow, hope you dig all the tunes, we do.

Thanks as always,

Nate and the Fair